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Student Work

A select sample of student work that I find inspiring from my time as a professor @ AC4D. All rights are reserved by the designers who created the work.

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True Story
Maryanne Lee | Laura Galos

True Story is “the get-to-know-you game for people you’ve known your whole life.” It’s a card game for families in which the object is to collect stories from one another, in particular, between intergenerational players.

True Story is designed to help facilitate the difficult conversations seniors and their families have around the major changes that come with aging. Specifically, we wanted to help start conversations about aging transitions—such as limiting driving, or looking at assisted living—between adult children and their aging parents.
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Lauren Segapeli | Jeff Patton | Samara Watkiss

Summit is a financial app that sends users friendly, contextually appropriate messages inviting them to send a little extra money from their checking account to the card they want to pay off, making paying off debt a daily activity just like spending.

Summit leverages individual’s spending habits in order to choose the best times to send personally relevant messages inviting them to put money towards their debt.
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Yellow Bike Project
Lauren Segapeli | Lindsay Josal

For IDSE202 - Service Design, students were challenged to redesign an existing service, and get the business onwer to pay them $1000 for their efforts. Lindsay Josal and Lauren Segapeli redesigned the Yellow Bike Project - a non-profit based in Austin Texas.

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Inner Circle
Anna Krachey | James Lewis | Meghan Corbett

Inner Circle is a web based application which offers questions, prompts, and examples from other women’s experiences to help pregnant women create a clear plan around their birth for friends and family.

Inner Circle helps pregnant women think through the logistical tasks surrounding their labor & delivery and postpartum care so that they can be actively involved with choices regarding their medical care and can feel more empowered over other decisions regarding labor and delivery. Read More Here

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Scott Gerlach | Jacob Rader | Bhavini Patel

Small, digestible pieces of information delivered to patients at the times when they have the most relevance will improve the chances of patients avoiding preventable complications as well as creating more opportunities for understanding and reflection during the recovery process.

Stitch will help patients avoid reaching back for access to professionals in order to get redundant information during their recovery. And professionals will be able to concentrate on only the most immediately relevant information during their interaction with patients.
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Heartline  By Chelsea Hotsetter
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Thermostat Redesign
Jacob Rader

Jacob Rader redesigns a common household appliance - the thermostat. View his final design here or check out his blog post for more detail.
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