Matt Franks

Designer, Professor, Entrepreneur
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Presentations and Workshops


I occassionally speak about the design process, design education, and designing for services. In this section, you'll find lectures and workshops with their associated activity guides.

Selected Student Work


A select sample of student work that I find inspiring from my time as a professor @ AC4D. All rights are reserved by the designers who created the work.

Austin Center for Design: Introduction to Design


To convey the value of a product, system, or service, designers must be able to illustrate the context, behaviors, and emotional outcomes associated with its use. This class focuses on the fundamentals of rapid ideation and illustration.

Austin Center for Design: Interaction Design


This class focuses on the fundamentals of interaction design; The creation of a dialoge between a person and a product, system or service. Students learn methods focused on systems thinking in addition to: rapid visualization, visual affordance, conceptual modeling, sequence, and narrative.

Austin Center for Design: Service Design


This class focuses on the tools and methodologies of service design. Students learn methods to evaluate and analyze services, and ways to document services; in order to improve the quality of interactions that evolve over time.